Your Complete Business Management Solution

All-in-one platform that empowers your business with seamless organization, efficient communication, and powerful project and client management tools.

We understand the challenges of running a successful business, which is why we've developed a comprehensive suite of features to help you thrive.

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Efficient Communication at Your Fingertips

Communication is the lifeblood of any organization, and at Kinbrio, we take it seriously. Our platform offers real-time communication with voice, video, and screen sharing capabilities through the flexible Matrix protocol. Say goodbye to being tied to a single provider – with Matrix, you have the freedom to choose the web and desktop clients that best suit your preferences.

Effortless Organization Management

Manage your entire organization effortlessly with Kinbrio. From creating teams and communication channels to handling internal documentation and deploying branding and digital web presence, our intuitive dashboard puts you in control.

Seamless Project Management

No more juggling endless tasks and milestones. With Kinbrio, project management becomes a breeze. Schedule, track status, and integrate with internal communications to keep everyone on the same page, always.

Empowering Accounting Management

Keep your finances in check with ease. Kinbrio allows you to handle simple invoices and sales effortlessly. For more involved accounting needs, we integrate with Akaunting or let you host your own Instance using their open and freely available software.

Client, Customer, and Supplier Management Made Simple

Effortlessly manage client and customer data, documentation, and notes with historical context. Kinbrio also enables secure and encrypted communication with clients through dedicated Matrix rooms. Meanwhile, supplier management becomes a breeze with seamless tracking, meeting, and reporting capabilities.

Efficient Inventory Management

Stay on top of your products with our comprehensive inventory management system. From cost and pricing to quantities and documentation, Kinbrio helps you optimize your inventory and streamline sales reporting.

AI-Powered Insights for Smart Decision Making

Harness the power of AI to answer your organizational questions quickly. Our assistants powered with LLMs fine tuned on your business can help you find historical chats and provide assistance with answering simple questions, saving you valuable time and effort.

Creating Your Digital Presence with Kinbrio

Turn your ideas into reality with Kinbrio's full suite of services. From generating landing pages and product pages to custom web applications and technical consulting, we make sure your business operates at its full potential.

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It's YOUR data, your business, and your communications. Exportable data to make sure you aren't having to fight to access your own data. Your data isn't being resold to build AI products for competitors. All communication ran off secure matrix servers, a portable and extendible protocol that doesn't lock you in to any clients or even our own platform, if you don't like us - find someone else and never lose any access to your chat and communications. For those with special needs and security requirements, privately run your own instance and secure matrix server on a local network!